Most people never unlock their full potential.

When the truth is?

What you need to light a fire under your life is ALREADY inside you.

Have you ever…

  • Had a strong feeling that a certain place or situation felt “off” (but you couldn’t quite put your finger on why)
  • Picked up a call from someone you care about, and known before they said a word that something was up?
  • Walked into a room and thought “Wow – you could cut the tension in here with a knife!”
    …then you know what it’s like to read energy.

Tapping into that energy is the key to releasing your full capacity in your business and your life.

Think of that person you know who just seems to have everything going for them… it’s like whatever they touch turns to gold, and they can’t seem to make a bad decision if they try.

Or, on the flip side, maybe there’s someone in your life who seems to be trapped in a “vicious circle”. Disaster leads to disaster, and nothing’s going their way.

When you know what you’re looking for, you start to see energy in action everywhere

Knowing how to “read” it was a gift I was born with – and sharing that power with others has been my life’s work as a healer and teacher. As founder of the Spirit Led Healing Institute I teach others how to connect to their abilities and share that work with others.

Awaken to your own ability, and you’ll find out how to:

  • Tap into your intuition to manifest your true desires.
  • Break out of stuck patterns and move forward with ease.
  • Connect to your inner guidance system so you NEVER waste time wondering what to do, doubt your choices, or second-guess yourself.

Curious? I’d love to share more. Click here to find out more about me, or here to find out more about booking me as a speaker.


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We offer a wide variety of services.  From Intuitive Healing Sessions, Reiki, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrievals and Activations to Entity; space, land and business clearings. There is something powerful and profound for you!


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These are just SOME of our fabulous reviews and testimonials. People from around the world would like to share their experiences with you.

Mary Beth has appeared on many programs, broadcasts and seminars including:


I wanted to send you a follow up so you can see just how much impact you have had on my life, just from that one short session! As we awaken, family issues will be coming up to many for clearing, and there is a particular need for your gift at this time. You are able to guide people to the places they need to heal, particularly to places they thought were ALREADY healed. (Read More Here…)

Hanna Thomas

United Kingdom

A healing with Mary Beth is a profound and powerful experience that can shift you in a new positive direction. I have experienced decreased pain, increased energy and more clarity in many areas. She is a very good teacher and shares all her thoughts and ideas as she does the work. I have enjoyed the energy work and the healings I have encountered working with her, and look forward to many more opportunities to work with her in the future.

Michelle Catoire

North Bend, WA

I knew nothing about Reconnective Healing before my session with Mary Beth, but went into it with an open mind. At points during the session I felt a sensation of pressure, like hands pushing on different parts of my body, although this was a distant healing and I was alone in the room. There were fleeting images, bright colors, and a soft white light at times. (Read More Here…)

Bonnie Pond

Life Coach, Author, Speaker,

All I can tell you is that this retreat is so amazing and uplifting that I offered Mary Beth to come to Miami, rent a beautiful location by the water, I would help gather at least 6 women andrea-rojas (friends) and they could enjoy the benefits of this retreat here local, versus flying to Seattle Washington! (Read More Here)

Andrea Rojas

CEO, Cool & Start Aviation, Inc

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