Mary Beth Vanderlinden is a highly sought after and engaging speaker who has appeared on broadcasts and stages across the globe. She is internationally known as a powerful Master Healer, Speaker, Healer Trainer, and Retreat Facilitator. She is an ordained minister and the founder of the Spirit Led Healing Institute™ where she assists others to step into the journey of developing their own intuitive, healing and business abilities.

She has been performing healings for decades and has led retreats, powerful transformational programs and has had 100s of thousands of people from all over the world listen to her speak. She has written programs and training manuals that have helped tens of thousands heal, connect to their intuitive abilities and transform their businesses.

She became aware of her healing gifts at an early age, and went on a life-long journey to develop what Spirit had given her. But not without some major bumps in the road, Mary Beth has experienced 19 death or near-death experiences, like car accidents, brain injuring falls, numerous broken bones and collapsed lungs. Each of these moving her into a deeper level of understanding of the healing process and Spirit’s ability to heal all aspects of us. After one injury that took her from work and caused her to become homeless, she went on to create a multi 6-figure business.  

Mary Beth has been in the corporate world and an entrepreneur since the age of 18 she has the ability to marry the mainstream with the metaphysical giving audiences the experiences, wisdom and knowledge they need to transform their personal and professional lives in an easy and inspirational way.


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